Chess Club

Playing chess develops skills such as problem solving, forward planning, lateral, logical and sequential thinking as well as memory, visualisation and verbaliation.  These cognitive skills are develloped in a highly engaging environment. Chess also provides an opportunity for all children to develop self-confidence, decision making skills, resilience and a sense of responsibility. 

At Camelot Rise, Chess Club is run by Chess Kids and is offered to students as an extra-curricular activity.  Classes are 50 minutes long and are held over lunch time, with opportunities for students to participate in Interschool Chess Championships and club tournaments.  

Each session starts with a formal lesson where the students learn a new strategy,idea or skill.  That skill is then put into practice with activities and games for the remainder of the session.  All games are monitored and supervised by the coach who provides individual feedback to students.

Enrolment forms are distributed to interested students each term, can be requested from the school office or downloaded from the school website.  Further information can be found by contacting Chess Kids on 1300 424 377 or visiting their website at