Gifted & Talented Students

Camelot Rise Primary School actively caters for all students learning needs.

Our school recognises that 'Gifted and Talented' students can learn at a much faster rate. They can conceptualise ideas and solve problems quickly, with few repetitions required. Gifted and talented students are intense with their learning and often study areas at great depth and may have one or more areas of strength. Students perform best when interested, stimulated and challenged and they enjoy working with like-minded students.

Camelot Rise develops learning plans to provide students with challenging and exciting curriculum and extra-curricular activities. This ensures quality programs for students are accessible on a daily basis.

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The programs available to Gifted and Talented students at Camelot Rise include:

  • Extension and enrichment Mathematics - Years 3-6 
  • Australian Schools' Maths Olympiad
  • Technology Club
  • Dance Club - Years 1-6
  • Chess Club
  • Clubs - Years 3-4
  • Differentiated and personalised curriculum - Blooms Taxonomy, Multiple Intelligences, pacing, interest generated
  • Overseas study tour of Noumea
  • Art exhibitions and competitions
  • Tournament of Minds - Years 4-6
  • ICAS (University of New South Wales) competitions
  • Leadership Seminars
  • School production every 3rd year
  • Instrumental music
  • Musical Ensembles
  • School Choir
  • Student Wellbeing
  • Buddy system
  • Peer Support
  • Values

The further development of programs that cater for all students at point of need is a priority. Consequently, the staff at Camelot Rise have an excellent understanding of the needs of all students and are committed to providing the best possible program that caters for the individual, reflecting their ways of learning and interests.