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If you would like to contact School Council regarding a governance matter ie. Grounds and facilities, budgets and expenditure, school uniform, community views, school policies, annual reporting etc. or you would like to be involved in one of the School Council sub-committees, then please contact us via the following email address

The role of the School Council is to serve the interests of Camelot Rise Primary School students and staff and to promote the school in the wider community.

The School Council is a legally constituted body obligated under the Education Act, 1958, (as amended) to fulfil the following responsibilities:

The School Council consists of 15 members, 10 parents of children at the school and 4 staff who are all elected by the school community. The Principal is always a member as a staff representative. Meetings are held on Monday nights at least eight times per year and the council has the general duties and responsibilities of:

  • tendering advice to the Principal and staff of the school as regards the general educational policy which might be followed in the conduct of the school
  • exercising a general oversight of the buildings and grounds and ensuring that they are kept in good order and condition
  • making any recommendations it thinks necessary for or with respect to the replacement, extension or alteration of any buildings and generally for or with respect to making of improvements to the buildings and grounds
  • approving the necessary cleaning and sanitary service
  • ensuring that all moneys coming into the hands of the council are expended for proper purposes
  • carrying out any other prescribed duties and
  • generally stimulating interest in the school.

Sub-committees of School Council include: Education Committee, Finance Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee and Community Engagement Committee.

All parents are eligible for nomination to the School Council, with those elected normally serving a two-year term, being eligible for re-nomination when their term expires.  Election procedures are in accordance with the Education Act as amended in 1988. School Council meets at least eight times each year. Prior notification of the Annual General Meeting, including a request for nominations for election, is sent to all parents during Term 1.

Funds for the above are normally derived through the following sources: State Government Grants, Canteen profit, Parents' Club Fundraising, Voluntary Contributions and a Tax Deductible Building Fund.

The Parents' Club and Canteen act as the major fundraisers for the school. Funds are directed towards priorities determined by School Council and Parents’ Club.

More information on the School Council can be found on the DET website.

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