Student Wellbeing

Student Wellbeing

Student Welfare is a priority at Camelot Rise and is based on the premise that 'happy children learn!'. It is vital that all children feel safe and cared for. Our welfare programs operate from Prep to Year 6, are pro-active and preventative, and have proven to be very effective. The programs operating include:

  • Values
  • Student Leadership
  • Dealing with Bullying
  • Buddy system
  • Restorative Practices


The Values Program

The Values Program teaches human values, sets models for behaviour and promotes the creation of a safe and happy learning environment for all children. At the base of every culture or environment is a set of values that determine how people behave towards each other. The program increases children's awareness of their responsibilities towards all others in their community and reinforces the caring family environment that is an integral part of life at Camelot Rise.

Dealing with Bullying

At Camelot Rise, we believe that parents, teachers and children working together with a common understanding and a common purpose, can create an environment where bullying has no place.

Camelot Rise is a safe and caring school offering a supportive environment that is focussed on resolution, rather than finding or assigning blame. The answer is to find solutions in a non-confrontational manner that enables the bullied student and the bully to co-exist.

The Buddy System

The Buddy System is a program that develops and promotes social skills between Prep and Grade 6 children. The program establishes a link between the incoming Prep child and the Year 6 student to aid the Prep's transition from pre-school to school and to promote the responsibilities given to the Year 6 students.