Camelot Notices

Below is a list of events going on at school.  If you require more information on the event, please check Compass, the Newsletter or speak to your classroom teacher.

6th Feb - Swimming Trials

Students Level 3-6 were asked if they would like to attend the Level 3-6 swimming trials next Wednesday 6th Feb. at Monash Aquatic Centre. We will be timing students in breaststroke, backstroke, back stroke and butterfly. (Students do not have to trial in all events) over 50m. From these results a CRPS team will be named to compete against over school at the WESA District Carnival on Wed. 27th February. A Compass noticce will be sent home shortly for parent consent. Names listed are students who showed interest.If you have any questions about the day or are able to help outthe day please contact Kerryn Wardle or Paul Carron.

7th Feb - Welcome back Basket Tea (BYO Picnic)

It is the night before the scheduled Curriculum Day on Friday 8th February (no students at school) so the students will be able to sleep in the next day. There will be lots of equipment set up around the oval for families to play with and there will be staff in attendance as well. Late last year the Camelot Rise Community Association (CRCA) discussed the event and thought it would a wonderful, informal, community event to start the school year. We really look forward to as many families joining us as possible.

8th Feb - Curriculum Day

No Students should attend school this day.  OSHClub is available for booking.

11th Feb - Level 1/2 Information night

The information night will be held from 6.30 - 7.30pm

12th Feb - Level 3/4 Information night

The information night will be held from 6.30 - 7.30pm

13th Feb - Level 5/6 Information night

The information night will be held from 6.30 - 7.30pm

20th Feb - Get to Know You Interviews

These will run from 3.45 - 8.00pm.  More information will be on Compass in the coming week to explain how to book a time to meet with your child's class teacher

25th - 28th Feb - Level 6 Camp @ Cape Otway

27th Feb - WESA District Carnival

For the students who competed in the trials and are now eligible for the WESA District Carnival.


More information will be posted on Compass soon. 

Please contact Kerryn Wardle or Paul Carron if you require further information

27th March - School Photos

13th March - Twilight Sports

More information on this will be released on Compass soon

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