Camelot Notices

Below is a list of events going on at school.  If you require more information on the event, please check Compass, the Newsletter or speak to your classroom teacher.


Intra-school/District Swimming

Inter-school swimming Trials will be held at Maonash Aquatic Centre on Wednesday 10th February. Students from this event will go on to compete at the Waverley East Sports Association Carnival on Thursday 18th February. Good luck to all competitors.


Drawing Visual Arts incursion

Drawing is one of the seven skills in Art that is taught throughout the year in Visual Arts. Students will explore ideas, experiences and their imagination to create characters in the Japanese manga comic style. Kenny Chan is the lead artist for ‘Drawing With Us’, a group that runs drawing workshops around Victoria. Kenny has worked as a comic artist, animator and illustrator, and has been running drawing classes since 2004.

Kenny will deliver the incursion during the student's normal Art session