CRCA - Camelot Rise Community Association 

Camelot Rise Community Association (CRCA) is a group of parents at the school who volunteer across a wide variety of activities at Camelot Rise. These activities are managed through a committee which meets once a month to coordinate services and activities.


The Camelot Rise Community Association at Camelot Rise has always been a great way to get to know other parents in the school community and has traditionally had a strong fundraising component. The aims and direction of the group have recently been reviewed and the committee are working on how we can continue to contribute to the resourcing of the school, while increasing our efforts towards community-building within our school.

For more information regarding Camelot Rise Community Association, please contact the school or read our Newsletter.

There are a number of services in the school which are coordinated through CRCA. These services may also provide some profit to the school. They include:

  • Uniform Shop

  • Canteen

  • School Banking

  • Book Club

In addition to these services, Camelot Rise Community Association likes to run events throughout the year which are aimed at providing a bit of fun for the students and may raise extra funds. These events are sometimes fun morning teas or lunches or can be after school activities which provide an opportunity for students to socialise in a safe, supervised environment.


Most years CRCA  also run larger events which have a social and fundraising component – an example being the Trivia Nights for adults in the school community along with their friends. This year we are putting a lot of effort into working on the direction of PC so we are keeping our events simple. Rather than a large school fundraiser, we are providing more opportunities for families to engage by holding fun events for the children where parents can help and meet other families. We are also moving towards increasing relaxed social opportunities by having tea/coffee available while students are participating in after-hours events.

Feel free to have a chat to any of our Camelot Rise Community Association Committee or send us an email at: crca@camelotrise.vic.edu.au


We also have a number of PC general members you can talk to if you’d like more information or to get involved.


A:  Galahad Crescent, Glen Waverley

P:  03 9803 5344

E:  camelot.rise.ps@education.vic.gov.au


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