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학교 정책은 학교 위원회가 학교 커뮤니티와 협의하여 개발합니다. 모든 정책의 인쇄본은 요청 시 본사에서 읽을 수 있습니다. 이러한 정책 중 일부는 아래에서 다운로드할 수도 있습니다.


빅토리아 주 공립학교로서 우리는  에 설명된 대로 정책 및 지침을 준수합니다.


Our playgroup is aimed to help families have fun, relax within the school setting and build friendships that last beyond the playgroup.


Our playgroup will run on a Wednesday morning from 9.15am – 10.30am in the Tydeman Arts Centre.


For further information or to register your interest call 9803-5344 or email:




Playgroups in schools address many components of transition faced by both the child and their family. Positive transitions to school increase children’s social and academic outcomes. Playgroup is the universal service that supports parents as their child’s first teacher. The social, emotional, physical and intellectual development that occurs through the play and interaction at playgroup is great for the mind and body.




To provide a warm, friendly environment where parents and their children are able to play and socially interact within the school setting.  This is designed to assist in school readiness and can be seen as the first step in the transition process.

To provide a program including:


  • Story time

  • Indoor play

  • Outdoor play

  • Morning tea



The desired outcomes of our parent lead playgroup in schools is to:


  • Establish connections between families and the school their child will later attend

  • Establish connections between families and the local community in relation to services and support networks

  • Provide opportunities for social interaction and language development for both the children and the parents

  • Build relationships between children, parents and families that can be carried into the school years

  • Build knowledge and refine skills through informal play and structured activities

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