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Instructional Model

Camelot Rise utilises an instructional model for teaching and learning. This ensures that each literacy and numeracy lesson includes direct classroom teaching, independent working time for students to demonstrate that learning, and reflection opportunities so students can see, hear and learn from their peers. Learning expectations are specified within each lesson, and a variety of formal and informal assessments are carried out daily, to effectively track student progress.


Our literacy program includes daily reading and writing lessons, with speaking and listening opportunities spread across the broader curriculum.

Students build their independent reading capabilities through regular one-on-one teacher conferencing, small reading groups and whole class instruction. Students develop an understanding around the importance of book choice and develop their reading skills by accessing a wide variety of different text types.

Throughout their years at Camelot Rise, students progress from decoding and comprehension to in-depth analysis and strategy-based thinking.

When writing, students are encouraged to express their imaginations, interests and opinions through a wide variety of explicitly taught styles and text types. Writer's notebooks are used to accommodate and develop thinking, and the stages of the writing process are followed when creating complete works (planning, drafting, editing, revising, evaluating, publishing).

Camelot Rise takes a balanced approach concerning secretarial and authorial skills - ensuring the accuracy of our writing, while honing our writer's craft through exploration of the writing traits along with strategy-based learning.


Throughout each year, students focus on concepts within the areas of number and algebra, measurement and geometry, and statistics and probability. Throughout these studies, students progress through the four competencies (understanding, fluency, reasoning and problem-solving), helping ensure well-rounded mathematical thinkers.


Camelot Rise takes a data-driven approach to mathematics, ensuring that students receive learning appropriate to their individual needs. Pre-tests are conducted to discover current areas for future learning, and lessons are planned around these. Post-tests are administered to track individual success and monitor teaching effectiveness.

In grades 3 - 6, students are grouped into unique, fluid numeracy classes for each area of study, based on acquired data around similar learning needs. This allows teachers to target specific needs more directly and offer targeted support or extension where needed. Through this approach, students receive tailored lessons appropriate to their individual point of need, specific to each area of mathematics, while working alongside students of similar ability.

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