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Principal's Welcome

Camelot Rise Primary School is a high performing, student focused school that places a high emphasis on student personal achievement and is committed to challenging our students in all areas of the curriculum.  Students’ individual needs, personal interests and unique characters are known and supported by staff and enriched by an immersive, safe, positive and vibrant learning environment.

At Camelot Rise Primary School our curriculum is based on the understanding that students learn best by being engaged and active in their learning. Our philosophy of providing our students with a broad and well balanced educational experience ensures that each student has the opportunity to explore and release their individual talents. 

As the Principal of Camelot Rise Primary School, my mission as a school leader is to always put students first. At Camelot Rise Primary School we set high expectations for all students and staff to ensure we not only maintain our outstanding academic results but we are continually striving to improve. 

Camelot Rise Primary School staff are enthusiastic, highly professional educators and bring a wealth of knowledge and commitment to their crucial task of guiding students towards a fulfilling and productive seven years of primary education. High academic achievement is a direct result of the dedicated, professional teachers who constantly provide diverse, rich, engaging and outstanding educational programs within an environment which is caring, friendly and responsive to the needs of our students.


At Camelot Rise Primary School we pride ourselves on the partnerships between home and school. We strongly encourage families to be actively involved in their students learning and well being. We are always appreciative of the wonderful support we receive from the wider school community.

I invite you as a prospective member of our community to visit Camelot Rise PS for a personal tour of the school to see the outstanding school environment we can offer your child.

Matthew Coney


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