Learning @ CRPS

Specialist Subjects

Each child has the opportunity to learn French, Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Sport/Physical Education on a weekly basis as part of our specialist program. We have specialist teachers who run these programs.

English Program


Camelot Rise Primary School offers French as a second language from Foundation to Year 6. The program has been developed to allow students to progress in a planned, sequential manner and has a strong focus on oral language combined with hand gestures, games and activities.


Students in the upper levels are given the opportunity to participate in the Alliance Française Poetry and other language competitions.


Every two years an optional international study tour to Nouméa is offered to students in Years 5 and 6. The next trip is planned to take place in 2019.


We have a strong commitment to the study of French and our students have achieved great success and recognition in recent years.

Physical Education

​The Sport and Physical Education program at Camelot Rise Primary School promotes early success, participation and engagement in a range of physical activities that lead to continued physical activity throughout the years of schooling and beyond.

Foundation to Level 2 focuses on the development of the eleven fundamental motor skills. This includes gymnastics, dance, athletics, ball handling, physical fitness, sport education and outdoor adventure.

Levels 3 to 6 further develop the fundamental motor skills through a greater focus on team sports. In addition to their PE lessons, all students participate in weekly team sport sessions.

Whole school events include our swimming program, gala days, annual adventure camp for Year 4 and community events such as district athletics, cross country, swimming and our traditional Twilight Sports family evening.


Visual Arts

Visual Art provides children with an opportunity to portray their thoughts, feelings and perceptions through many different mediums. It fosters imagination and individual expression. Children experience and develop skills in a range of art forms and media including drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, modelling, construction, threads and textiles.


Foundation to Level 2: In the first years of school, the emphasis is on experimenting with a wide variety of materials and techniques to create individual expression. Children are encouraged to talk about their work, that of their classmates and other artists as well as draw upon play and imagination.


Level 3 to 6: As children move through the school, there is an increased focus on developing and using skills, techniques and processes to communicate their thoughts and feelings in a wide variety of Visual Art forms. They observe and discuss artworks created by their peers, by other artists and cultures and develop an understanding of art in society.


Performing Arts

Music is fundamental to the creative, intellectual and emotional development of all children, particularly young children. Music engages imagination, fosters flexible ways of thinking, develops memory and enhances personal and interpersonal development. All students participate in music and the program includes singing, moving and the playing of instruments and leading to more complex activities such as composing music, ensembles, choirs and performing in productions.

Also offered by external companies, is the ability to study an instrument during school hours. At the moment the school has Metro Music and Ilona Wright (piano - ph: 0421 070 840) offering their services to students.