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School Wide Positive Behaviour Support

Our purpose at Camelot Rise Primary School is the creation of a positive, caring and supportive environment, sustained by a shared philosophy which recognises that students who feel safe, accepted and valued are more likely to reflect these qualities in their own relationships and endeavours. We strive to maximise individual academic and social growth through explicit teaching, allowing students to develop the knowledge, skills and values which will enable them to contribute positively within their school community and beyond.

At Camelot Rise Primary School, we take an inclusive approach to wellbeing. This philosophy will guide us to cultivate a positive, safe and supportive school community, strengthened by CRPS’ commitment to the School Wide Positive Behaviour Support framework.

SWPBS is evidence-based and is supported by the Department of Education and Training. This framework assists schools to improve social, emotional, behavioural and academic outcomes for children and young people. SWPBS requires a school to establish the positive behaviours expected from their students and then work together to explicitly teach these behaviours through student engagement, clear rules and routines, praise and feedback. It will be consistently implemented across the school.

SWPBS uses a tiered intervention framework which invests in:

  1. Primary Prevention (school and classroom-wide systems for all students, staff and settings)

  2. Secondary Prevention (specialised group systems for students with at risk behaviour)

  3. Tertiary Prevention (specialised, individualised systems for students with high risk behaviour)













Camelot Rise is developing an agreed upon matrix of expected behaviours based on our school values. It clearly and positively states examples of what each value looks like across different school settings.

At the beginning of 2020, Camelot Rise Primary School developed a SWPBS leadership group consisting of staff members from across the school who will working alongside the SWPBS appointed coach. This team will work together to oversee the implementation of this framework.

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